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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 10, 2009 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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members on the wild "the factor" post-game show. i am bill o'reilly. we hope to see you next time. remember, the spin stops right here, because we are definitely looking out for you. sean: tonight nancy pelosi calls town hall protestters un-american. >> he has the right to be represented. i'm his father and i want to talk to you face-to-face. >> exclusive video of the town hall that turned violent. >> we're losing jobs at less than half the rate we were when i took office. >> we expose the truth about president obama's unemployment numbers and how they're fixing the books. >> where's my money? >> and steven crowder hits the road to see where your hard-earned tax dollars are now being spent. >> we don't negotiate with paris. >> with the hostages home, the white house is now ready to
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talk to kim jong il. all of that, plus dick morris, dana preseason notice and our great, "great american panel" and it starts right now. welcome back from a wild weekend, during which americans continue to voice their fierce opposition to the democrats' health care bill, how things heated up at the end of last week at a town hall. it was hosted by michigan congressman john dingell. let's take a look. >> this is the health care plan, you support, and this man would be given no care whatsoever because he has cerebral palsy and a handicapped person. sean: all of that anger boiled over into the weekend. take a look at how democrat tom harkin reacted to a very tough question. >> it was advertised as a public meeting. i'm here as a member of the public.
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>> who sent me here? i sent myself. how dare you. how dare you claim that i'm part of a conspiracy. how dare you. >> now, believe it or not, that wasn't the most appalling response from the democratic corner. house leaders nancy pelosi and steny hoyer tried to explain why you, the american people, are so angry, and they wrote in "usa today" that "these disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views, but of the facts themselves. drowning out opposing views is simply, they say, un-american." the white house later today tried to quickly distance themselves from these comments. but at this point the democrats have compared those of us who oppose health care, they've compared us to nazis, they've called us brownshirts, crazed mobsters that are manufactured by the r.n.c. and now they're accusing people of being un-american, all in an effort to shut down dissent. so they steam rolled this bill through congress. will they be successful?
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this sounds as american as apple pie when people are speaking out. joining us now, the author of "the new york times" bestseller, "catastrophe," dick morris. drowning out opposing views is simply un-american. the d.n.c. called the american people mobsters. congressmen have referred to these people as being like tim mcveigh, nazis, political terrorists. and the president himself wants everyone to shut up. what are they thinking? >> well, they're not only going to shut them up, they're going to cut off debate with 50 votes in the senate and jam it through. look, this only worked when nixon did it, because the demonstrators were 18-year-olds with hair down to their ankles. sean: right. >> everybody said they're burning draft cards, they're un-american, and that worked. here they're senior citizens. they're people in wheelchairs. now, maybe 40 years ago they demonstrated, but their hair is
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cut now. it's becoming very clear that opposition comes from the elderly. and the reason the elderly are this upset is because the congress is about to jam through literally, with 50 votes, biden breaking the tie, if necessary, with 50 votes, a $500 billion cut in medicare. now, i worked for, pardon the expression, bill clinton, and you and i were on opposite sides in 1995 and 1996, and my big thing was opposing cuts in medicare. now the democrats are pushing through exactly those cuts. sean: well, this is an interesting reminder. because the srps were trying to reduce the rate of growth to 7% a year, every year for seven years, which was twice the rate of inflation. and the democrats, kinds of successfully, said the srps want to take away your medicare. >> exactly. >> it's not working here. we're going to show a lot more tape tonight. folks, you're not going to believe the video we'll show you tonight.
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is this evidence that democrats have lost control of the message when they attack people? >> absolutely. and i would urge people to do to these town meetings. i would urge you to look at chapter four of my book, "catastrophe" that gives you all the facts about health care, and then i would urge you to go on websites, mine,, we've raised $400,000 for ads in maine and arkansas and so on to influence senators. but above all, go to the meetings and don't listen to the people, some of whom spoke earlier on this station, that you should be very nice and polite and stick your hand up and ask mild-mannered questions. nonsense. these people are trying to take away your health care in six weeks, jamming it through a compliant senate without debate and without people even reading the bill. sean: let me ask you this. because the democrats -- even the president is encouraging that some of -- some of his supporters that they infiltrate these events to create a confrontation. are they creating a scenario
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where we're going to show video later of violence erupting at some of these meetings? are they creating that by purposefully trying to silence regular citizens? >> i think they are. i think one of the thugs you showed at one of those is evidence of that. but the point is these are old people demonstrating. you can't convince somebody that a 70 -- it's just like the veterans march in the new deal, where they camped outside. they called it hooverville on the white house lawn, and the president tried to make these old people, who were world war i veterans as bolshevik and un-american. it's the same thing. people are looking at what does it take to get a senior citizen to go to a meeting and raise cain like this, and this is a dagger aimed at the heart of the elderly. sean: some bloggers indicated he would be willing to bypass the regular process, where we'd have to have a filibuster in the senate or a filibuster-proof vote.
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chuck schumer wants to ram this thing through by september 15. if they go by reconciliation, which i think they have technical difficulties. in other words, if they don't have enough votes and they try and ram this down america's throats, what is the political outcome of this? >> first of all, i think they will. i don't think they'll get republican support, at least i hope they don't, and i think they will try to get it with 50 votes, the so-called nuclear option. but i think they can be defeated. max balance cuss and jon tester come from a red state, conrad, a democrat from a red state, north dakota, johnson, a red state south dakota, pryor, landrieu and lincoln, a red state, arkansas. if you get all of these red state democrats to start seeing red because there are ads in their state and senior citizens are going crazy -- let me say this about the democratic party. they will pass this no matter what the polls say. but if they feel that the elderly, their core constituency, is turning on them, that they're almost
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repealing f.d.r.'s collision and that they are becoming an anti-obama group, they will not mess with that. sean: a lot of these democrats are scared to death and they're can selling town hall meetings and opting for telephone town hall meetings, because they don't want to be confronted. what a bunch of gutless weasels. it's ridiculous. but the democrats, the blue dogs, when they get called into the white house and they've had their august recess, and when early september comes and they go back to work and obama, pelosi and reid are twisting their arm, which way are they going to go, dick? >> if they are not terrorized during august by the public outpouring and they don't have thousands and thousands of handwritten letters on their doorstep waiting for them when they return from the august recess, they'll fold. but if they absolutely get an outpouring of public opinion, i think we can win this thing. right now i'd give you 50/50,
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because there are enough democrats who will be intimidated by that kind of a massive outpouring. sean: have you ever, though -- >> but you have to do it. you have to write the letter. >> i still tactically, strategically -- this was your business. polling. you'd follow the numbers, you'd watch public opinion. but to go out there and refer to the american people and say -- this is the speaker of the house -- they're swastikas, they're un-american, they're mobsters, never in my lifetime have i witnessed something that i thought was so politically stupid than what we're witnessing here. >> particularly the elderly. and after all, one of the things that annoys me is in washington they're debating the public option versus the private options. and i don't much care. you can kill the public option, but it's the same thing. what's happening is too many patients and too few doctors, and that's come into all these bills. so senior citizens are upset about the plug being pulled on their health care. and naturally they're reacting viscerally. they should.
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they need to. sean: congrats on the book. there's a lot in there, "ca at that time trophy." also, the country continued to bleed jobs last months, but unemployment fell. how is that possible? are they cooking the books? details many coulding up later on. remember when house lawmakers berated corporate c.e.o.'s for flying around the country on private jets? it looks like there are a few hypocrites among our democratic leadership and are about to spends your money on a whole fleet of private jets. eight dishes that fit into your lunch hour... starting at just $6.99. at red lobster. a day on the days that you have arthritis pain, you could end up taking 4 times the number... of pills compared to aleve. choose aleve and you could start taking fewer pills. just 2 aleve have the strength... to relieve arthritis pain all day. it's the chevy open house.
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sean: we told you last week about nancy pelosi's efforts to secure over $00 million to buy new private jets for the government. well, that was only half of it literally. now the "wall street journal" says she actually wants to spend more than $500 million. now, the airplanes purchased. that money would be used to usher around members of congress and other government officials. that's fiscal responsibility at its finest, isn't it? morahan tee in just a second.
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>> today we're pointed in the right direction. we're losing job at less than half the rate we were when i took office. we've pulled the financial system back from the brink and a rising market is restoring value to those 401-k's that are the foundation of a secure retirement. >> that was president obama on friday. he was praising the fact that only 247,000 jobs were lost in july. but does that number accurately reflect the job climate here in america? now, according to "forbes".com, the answer is no. they say that the labor department adds jobs in the summer months, like july, to compensate for temporary factory shutdowns. now, forbes estimates that the actual number of jobs lost last months is probably closer to 600,000. joining me now is fox news contributor, former white house press secretary, dana preseason notice, and cheryl casone is
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with us. guys, good to see you. in july, 796,000 people were taken off the labor department's definition of work force because they stopped looking for work. is it possible they're cooking the books here, dana? >> those workers are called discouraged workers. and i thought about that word a when you get to the point where you're discouraged, that means you've talked to as many friends as you can, knocked on as many doors as you can and you condition find a job. it affects your relationships and everything else. it's a large number, but there are people behind every one of those numbers. >> continuing claims, guys. if you add up continuing claims, people that are going past the 26 weeks, going up to 72 weeks, we're talking 9.35 million people out of work right now. people are leaving the workforce. if you look at teenagers, it's july and august. normally the kids are going out and getting summer jobs. unemployment from 16 to 19 is at 23%. kids can't get summer jobs.
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adults are taking those jobs. >> are they cooking the books? >> i think they're fudging the numbers in the way they're presenting the numbers, in a way that favors their message. they're not presenting the reality of continuing claims, that's the problem. >> the bureau of labor statistics -- when i was press secretary, seemed like every month we were always readvising up when we were in the good years. if i were the white house i would not necessarily stake my claim on saying that the economy is getting better just because they have that jobs report. sean: i went back to the bush years, and for example, in july of 2005, when we created 146,000 jobs created, not saved, actually created, steny hoyer said that's disappointed. 78,000 jobs in june, nancy pelosi said a neemic job numbers. and now they're defending the loss of hundreds of thousands and cooking the books. let me ask you two questions on the economy. deficit grew by $181 billion in the month of july alone.
9:17 pm
timothy geithner's asking congress to increase the debt load, and congress is spending hundreds of millions on private jets, when we excoriated car execs when they flew in on jets. are they that out of touch, dana? >> they are, and they're going to rallied it and they're going to pull back. they're got together to be able to get the jets they wanted. americans are really paying attention to what washington is spending, and there like, wait a minute, that's our checkbook. check with us before you write that check. >> but they're not going to have a choice. what tim geithner came out and said is i want to increase the debt because we're going to have notes due. we are in debt into the billions and trillions. we owe tons. they're holding $800 billion in u.s. debt. you cannot default. i mean, that's why tim geithner -- and i was asking myself this. why is he going overseas defending the dollar? this is why. he knew this was coming. congress won't have a choice. they're going to have to increase the debt limit. >> the only thing worse than china buying all of our bond is
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china not buying all of our bonds. >> and getting lectured by the chinese communists. >> it's how much we're going to spend and that's what we're saying going forward and that's why people are nervous. >> let me ask you both. dana, you were there in the white house. i've never witnessed -- i was just speaking with dick morris about calling the american people veterans and old ladies and people in wheelchairs saying this is an organized mob. nancy pelosi, you know, saying it's un-american, and people bringing swastikas. the president telling people to shut up. we've had comparisons to nazis, tim mcveigh, political terrorism. these are congressmen saying all of this. why would they attack the american people and what do they think the outcome is going to be? >> i'm flabbergasted by it. they've made a deeper hole today when they talked about these protests being un-american. the problem is they are provoking populist anger. they're rubbing a spot on the wall. they're just making it worse
9:19 pm
instead of elevating the debate, leading, inspiring, answering the legitimate questions that american people have. they're not doing that. people are getting increasingly angry. i know everyone says the bill is going to pass this fall. that might be true, but they're going to make a lot of people mad. >> they need to listen to what the american people are saying. the people are really upset about the fiscal discipline or lack of fiscal discipline. health care is going to be minimum, the $1.5 trillion. average folks are saying stop spending tax money. that's the basic principle. sean: but this is real and this is organic. these are real people. but they seem tone-deaf. are they that disconnected, or are they that, i guess, married to their radical agenda? >> that -- i think both, ok? i think that they don't understand the american people's sentiments. i think they've attacked them and made them more angry. at the same time, they're wedded to their positions and they really want this bill. he promised he was going to get
9:20 pm
this bill done. they feel like they have to get it done. the problem, what he laid out in 2007 is a very different economic time than today. they should adjust a little bit. >> again, they've got to listen to the folks, stop spending and do more to cut down costs in health care. they can work with the companies. the companies want to work with them. don't shut them out. sean: i've never seen people this angry, and i've been in talk radio, fox news, since the beginning. i've never seen outrage like this. >> that tells you something. sean: people are calling me all day and night. good to see you guys, thank you very much. we have a lot more of these town hall videos. stay right there. we have more on the violence erupting in tampa. hillary clinton unloads and it's all her husband's fault. what? can it be true? >> i will tell you my opinion. i'm not going to be channeling my husband. sean: find out the question that rattled the secretary of state. but coming up next, my exclusive video of a tampa town hall that erupted into
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sean: a town hall event held thursday in tampa, florida, quckly became a mob scene when citizens were forcibly kept out. there were cameras there, but not much was happy about that. one photographer at the event had his camera knocked out of his hands as the event unraveled. let's take a look. >> stop it. >> get off us. get off of me. that's my arm. [yelling and screaming]
9:26 pm
>> this meeting -- sean: the man who captured all of that on tape was on the receiving end of all of that, that scuffle. that's jay mark campbell, who's here with us. thank you for being here with us. kinds of frightening. >> especially for me, yeah. sean: give us the synopsis, and we'll rerack the tape and you can give us a running commentary. people need to understand what's happening at these town halls, who's being shut out, who's who. who are the players here. give us an opening case of what was going on. >> first of all, before the scene even happened, what had transpired was that it was already a stacked deck before we even walked in the door. sean: meaning what, stacked deck? >> well, they had already let in the people ahead of time and had filled up half the seats. there were 200 seats, and half of them were already filled up.
9:27 pm
those people got left just outside the door are the ones who would have made it. this is congresswoman katie caster. sean: when you say stacked deck, she did not want a town hall. >> on the security council website, you have a picture, a photography, of that actually happening. sean: this is the one that said i'm from acorn, i'm from the union -- or i'm from the acorn, let me in. >> this is a 15-second blush where they're saying -- blurb where they're saying we're going to put the other ones in the back. sean: in other words, we're going to ask you the question. so the whole thing was set up, like a hollywood production. let's rerack this tape and i want you to give a running commentary. because you were there. you're the guy behind the camera. if we can roll this tape and we'll talk as it's rolling, and you can explain. what's happening here? >> that's the daughter -- first of all -- thas the daughter
9:28 pm
of the cancer patient. she's frantic, because her dad has cancer. he's got a colostomy bag and she's trying to get to him. sean: he was already in the meeting. >> no, he's on the outside. sean: so she wanted to get into the meeting and talk about her dad with a colostomy bag. >> those were the few that were ejected and left outside. these poor guys from the union here -- sean: how do you know they're from a yuan on? >> i got their business card. sean: so they gave you the business card. >> yeah, the pipe fitters union. sean: and they were literally there as like security? >> yeah. they were the security to keep all the protesters out and in check. they didn't like what was going on outside, so they decided to pawn themselves and shut the doors. what was happening was the guys were standing next to the doors there, so they decided to bum rush these guys. sean: so you're saying that these town halls, what you saw as a cameraman here was a setup. that all the draths got in frs and that the regular average
9:29 pm
person that came there to express their concern were shut out of this meeting so that there wouldn't be another embarrassing moment for another democrat. >> that's right. sean: pretty much? >> pretty much a synopsis. and the guy -- he's actually a 28-year democrat who they assaulted. the guy with cancer. >> now, in the end -- excuse me, my voice is shot. in the end was there any opposition questions asked, or you don't know because you didn't get in? >> no. well, what happened to me was -- you know, it's what you don't see in this video is what's really telling, sean. after they attacked this cancer guy -- and they knew it after, because she screamed, "he's got cancer." what was their reaction? were they sorry, were they remorseful? no, their reaction was to attack me because i was videotaping it. sean: were they trying to get your tape? >> they slapped the camera around, as you can see, they grabbed ahold of it and broke my glasses, they shattered them. i've got them here, but --
9:30 pm
sean: let me ask you a question. i'm friends with all the cameramen here at fox. they're all good friends of mine. how long have you been a cameraman? >> well, this is the worst thing that's ever happened to me. and i've been into jihadist areas, muslim extremists. and this is the most afraid i've ever been. sean: so literally these manufactured town halls, they're stacking the deck because they're afraid the american people may go in and ask some tough questions. so the very thing they're accusing the republicans of doing, they themselves are doing, an you saw it with your own eyes. >> the irony about it was it was union democrats attacking another union member. and i was also a former teamster at one time, so -- sean: well, was there any evidence of acorn there? >> i can't honestly say. sean: how was that woman whose father had cancer, did she do ok? she seemed like she was roughed up a little bit. >> i have not been able to talk to her since the event, so i don't know. sean: thank you for sharing that with us. >> have a good day.
9:31 pm
sean: folks, this is where cell phones in come in handy, so you can chronicle how the democratic party feels about america, americans and freedom of speech. now, there's a lot more of this video coming up. also, hillary clinton loses it at a press conference, and you don't want to miss that video. miles an hour first, the manson murders were -- first, the manson murders were some of the worst in history. not everyone was appalled. it turns out the weathermen apparently were big fans. we'll give you that detail coming up. [ dog ] i am beautiful...
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sean: this summer marks the 40th anniversary of the manson murders. those gruesome murders served as an inspiration for some on the left. weather underground terrorists declared offing those pigs and eating a meal in the same room, hey, far out. the weathermen dig charles manson. now she says she was joking. oh, that's really funny. more hannity after this.
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9:36 pm
press secretary. she says in the 23 years she's worked for the center, she's never seen passions so high. there were people yelling at each other. there was shouting on two sides of the street. there were people for health care legislation and people against. the people against it overwhelmingly outnumbered the folks that were for it. i found some people from baltimore and they were for it, but it was about five or six to one. people were absolutely upset about government intrusion, they were upset about the cost of this health care legislation being proposed and they were upset about the op-ed in "usa today". the scene inside was rumored to be controlled by the union, to be heavily pro-obama. it was not the case inside. those passions ran inside and almost medley boos ensued. senator cardin did a good job of handling himself, sean, but i'll tell you, he had trouble keeping things under control. >> according to the world
9:37 pm
health organization, the united states ranks 37th on health care results out of 191 countries. >> if you'll just allow the senator, please. if you'll just allow the senator a few more moments, we will get to the questions. >> and questions he took. he was hammered almost all of the questions against this legislation, sean. i spoke with senator cardin afterwards and he said i expected to get the rough treatment and i got it here. but he is planning to continue to hold another one on wednesday in hagerstown, and his people say we can expect more of the same. sean, back to you. sean: thank you, griff. joining me with reaction of all these tense town hall meetings is a fox news contributor, "usa today" columnist, bob beckel is here.
9:38 pm
the deputy editor much the "wall street journal" editorial page, dan henninger, and a fox news anchor and legal analyst, former prosecutor. kimberly guilfoyle. i give him a lot of credit, because a lot of congressmen have cancelled their town hall meetings or they're afraid to have them. i give this democratic senator credit. but with that said, he's being hurt by nancy pelosi, who's saying it's un-american, using the swastika line, some comparing people to tim mcveighrhirts, and the president saying to shut up. >> you're talking to the guy that frankly invented this thing back in 1985, when i started grass-roots firm, and we offered to pack these town hall meetings with whoever we were representing. if anybody believes that this is an outpouring of people's hearts, they get up in the morning, decide they're going to go to ben cardin in to uson, maryland, give me a break. they've got every right in the world to be there, to say what they want to say and it's not a
9:39 pm
good idea to characterize it. sean: dana, i disagree with bob. this is organic. please are scared to death of what's happening to this country. but the democrats have made a concerted effort now to demonize them, when i think this is democracy in action. >> it reflects the weakness of their case. it looks like they should be arguing the merits, but they didn't sell. can you imagine people getting this worked up, even if it's organized, over health care? i mean, no other issue in america puts people to sleep faster, and all of a sudden they're screaming inside these halls. and i think it's mainly because there is no in-between on this issue. you've got a public -- a federal public option to create federal insurance and people who do not want to go there. there really isn't much in-between. they're very divided. sean: kimberly, this is nancy pelosi using the swastika line. she called the people that are opposing obama-care un-american, an we have brian baird who used the tim mcveigh comment earlier on.
9:40 pm
let's roll that tape. >> i think they're -- you be the judge of carrying swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on health care. >> some of this is eerilyly reminiscent of some of the things that drove tim mcveigh to bomb the building in oklahoma. >> you wonder why people are fired up and angry. this is the jumping-off point where people are angry bit, but it's about control. it's about the government jumping in and seizing control of americans' lives, and they don't want it. they don't feel the government has demonstrated that they have the ability or the smarts to spend their hard earned tax dollars, bob. >> if you ask people about this health care bill, they wouldn't be able to tell you what's in it. i read the 1,100 pages, and eventually you all should read it. how do you get facts across in front of a mob like that?
9:41 pm
you can't very well do it. >> bob, wait a minute. sean: bob, these are little old ladies, these are veterans, these are people with children who are in wheelchairs, and you're calling them a mob. >> exactly the people that we used to call to go to our meetings. we get them on the phone and say we want you to show up. and if you can find someone who was sympathetic, you would. >> that's the problem, bob. >> do you believe that all these people got up and did it by themselves? they weren't call to show up there. >> even the polls have reflected opposition to this. >> opposition to what? >> to the democrats' health care plan. it's collapsing under its own weight. >> who's been opposing it? >> why shouldn't we rubber stamp it and say spend all our money? sean: obama is now sending in the acorn folks and some of his supporters to create this tension. >> which is why when you said you admired ben cardin for doing this, i would give ben
9:42 pm
one piece of advi. cancel hagerstown. anybody who puts themselves in front of this is crazy. sean: we'll be back with more of our "great american panel." time to check in with greta van susteren with a sneak peek of what's coming up. greta: tonight, public outrage may have just saved the american taxpayers about $300 million. we're just getting the word right now. we have that explanation. finally some good news, at least in terms of trying to protect some money. and since you wouldn't show up "on the record," sean, we had to go to plan b. bill o'reilly is joining us tonight because you wouldn't show up. you're too busy out singing and you wouldn't slum it with us. and then some bad news. a cat might be arrested. sean: probably deserved it. i don't know what that story is. we'll be checking in. greta's 18 minutes from right
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sean: we continue now with our "great american panel." remember the c.e.o.'s of the car companies that go to washington? a lot of outrage by politicians, right? let's remind everybody. i think, hopefully. >> couldn't you all have downgraded to first class or jet pooled or something to get here? it would have at least sent a message that you do get it. i'm going to ask the three executives here to raise their hand if they flew here commercial. let the record show no hands went up. i'm second going to ask you to raise your hand if you're planning to sell your jet in place now and fly back commercial.
9:48 pm
let the record show no hands went up. i don't know how i go back to my constituents and say the auto industry has changed. sean: they were going to spend up to $500 million on new jets now. >> right now, sean. flying the friendly skies. why don't they toss some cash out the window while they're going. it's so outrageous and offensive, giving what hard-working americans are going through right now. and there's no respect whatsoever for the american people. spend our money? i mean, sorry, fly south worst like the rest of us and eat some peanuts. sean: they are tone-deaf. apparently tonight they're backing off. they're probably going to pull it back. but if they didn't figure this out on their own, daniel, what's wrong with them? >> what is congress's approval rating right now? fox poll, 30%. 60% opposed. these are guys who are going to tax soda pop to pay for a bill, and they pull a stunt like
9:49 pm
this. it's no wonder no one wants them. sean: bob, it's your party. >> he's sweating. >> i am not sweating, look. >> can i be excused? if there's such a bad thing as timing in politics, this was bad timing. get it off the table, get it out of the bill. it will be forgotten about by next week. sean: let me move on. last week when the hostages were released, i said i'm very glad these girls are home. 12 years of hard labor. bill clinton goes in there, but i asked a question very few asked. what are we giving up? i think answers are beginning to emerge. the obama administration will will hold talks with north korea. daniel, they've wanted this from the beginning. >> that's what kim wants. kim jong il is ill. he's got cancer. dictatorships have a hard time transferring power. and he's trying to transfer power to his 26-year-old son. during an incident like that, you know, these guys are at
9:50 pm
risk. and all they did was legitimize the regime by doing that. sean: are they close to negotiating with terrorists, as john bolton said? >> it's perilously close. you've got private markets developing in north korea right now that are trying to break free of the kim regime. >> what i want to say is this deserves to have the six-party talks. the other party at that table are the ones who are really affected. sean: but that's gone now. >> but having said that, if the bush administration had not wasted six years not being willing to talk in the six-party talk, you have to ends up talking one to won. >> now you're going to go back to the bush administration. this administration needs to take responsibility for the choices and the actions that they're making, and they could not sit down with terrorists. >> if you want to have nuclear weapons there, fine. we don't. sean: thank you all for being with us. appreciate it. coming up, one reporter hit the road to find out just exactly what your stimulus money is
9:51 pm
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sean: all right, since the passage of the stimulus bill, $787 billion have been dispersed around the country, but where exactly has that money gone? one reporter set out to see what happens, and he produced a video documentary what he found -- what happened, and he produced a video documentary of what he found. >> this could actually be a really nice place. is it really something that you think our tax dollars should pay for? gm0ñçyou are looking at another stimulus project.
9:56 pm
this is a round little ladybird. this is in austin, texas -- this is around lake ladybird. oh, gosh. anything to say about the bicycle path. sean: steve, you crack me up. >> thank you. sean: tell us what you did. tell us what you found. >> right. basically, what i did is i went across the country. stimulus projects were getting huge gobs of money. what is $1 trillion? so weñpute1ñ@@ face to it. $350 million for this hotel so that people could see it and see their tax dollars at work. sean: we did the whole hour and barely touched the surface, and we called it "waste 101." >> there are some facts and
9:57 pm
statistics in the video, but like i said, it really puts a face to it. our american president has essentially become a shady car salesman. it is good to see that and say, "really? my tax dollars are going to that not club?" -- that yacht club?" sean: what do you think it is? are they just that out of touch? >> i think they must be eco- friendly jets. they are completely out of touch. just showing is a video -- -- showing this video. sean: let's roll this video. >> what are you doing here at the health-care protest? this is clearly some kind of$x
9:58 pm
>> i am totally against the bill they have out now, hr3200. ca lm down. -- calm down. you are in a safe place. you think as an american citizen, you have a right to know? >> yes, that is right. i have a right to know anything i want to know. this is a free country. sean: were these mobsters? timothy mcveigh sympathizers? nazi sympathizers but should they shut up as obama said? -- nazi sympathizers? >> yes, they are. i was afraid of being shanked. go to a liberal gathering, like woodstock. at least they left the place cleaner than they founded. sean: the democratic -- cleaner
9:59 pm
than they found it. sean: what do you think. now that they are being attacked, what do they say to you? -- what do you think? >> they are trying to paint them as an remasters. i think in 2010, they want to say it -- they're trying to paint them as angry mobsters. sean: "the patriot" is one of the greatest movies. we always appreciate it. my voice is a bill that shot. we were in san diego, las vegas, -- my voice is an a little bit shot. i want to send out a special thank you. jon voight, rich a little, billy
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